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5 th grade English

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I need help with these words it;s Analogies.

1.chair is o tableas stool is to ______?

2.hurry is to run as stroll is to _____? next is antonyms opposite of

Enormous____ and release____?
please !!help me i can't find it thanks!

  • 5 th grade English -

    1. Chair is to table as stool is to bar.

    2. Hurry is to run as stroll is to walk.

    3. Enormous is to minuscule as release is to catch.

  • 5 th grade English -

    stroll is to walk
    opposite of enormous can be small or tiny, you choose
    opposite of release can be throttle or suppress, you choose
    sorry i do not know the first one

  • 5 th grade English -

    strool is to

  • 5th grade spelling -

    The antonyms for dry

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