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1.)(a) CPU 1 has speed of 2.6 GH (steps per second) and runs a program which needs 10.9 T steps.
(b) CPU 2 has speed of 2.2 GH and runs program which needs 7.3 T steps.

---How long does it take for CPU 1 and CPU 2 to finish the work? (Show all work!)

2.)How many more more 4 letter words can you invent with 4 possible letters as opposed with 2 letters.(Show all work!)

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    Assuming each step takes one cycle (Hertz), 1(a) takes
    10.9t/2.6G seconds
    =4192 s
    Calculate similarly for 1(b).

    Assume the number of distinct letters = n, then n! n-letter words can be formed.
    Difference = 4!-2! words
    (I assume you make 2-letter words with the two letters, the question is not very clear.).

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