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What volume of 9.54M sodium chloride solution must be added to the correct amount of water to produce 750. mL of a .327 M sodium chloride solution?

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    is it? M1V1=M2V2?

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    The solution you want contains

    750 x 0.327 mmoles of NaCl

    if the volume you add is x ml then the number of mmoles added is

    9.54x mmoles = 750 x 0.327 mmoles

    hence find x

    the final volume is x+y=750 ml, where y is the volume of water added.

    Two points....

    9.54M NaCl would contain

    9.54 x (23+35.5) g NaCl L^-1

    9.54 x 58.4 g L^-1 = 557 g L^-1

    as the max solubility of NaCl in water is 391 g L^-1, the question is not possible.

    Also please remember to include the leading zero with decimals, so 0.327 M rather than .327 M, because the . can be easily missed.

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