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does being shy effects my career path, communication, and...

what to know does it effect my life
i think it effect my life just want to make sure

and aslo i need one more on how being shy can effect my life cause i need three and i got only two

sorry for asking so many questions i just want to get my outline done correctly

please help and thank you

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    Yes it affects your life. However, that is pretty broad.

    1. Confidence
    2. Social ability

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    First, you need the word "affect", I think. Look up the difference between effect and affect.

    Being shy often keeps one from expressing viewpoints when they should be expressed, and sometimes keeps one from making a point when the point is needed.

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    It affects all aspects of your life and is usually triggered by low self esteem.

    Being shy can affect your life in more ways than one and more often than not, results are not good. When being shy you essentially deprive yourself of a number of chances that come your way. Things can get even more complicated when it comes to the career path you will follow. To prevent the worst from happening, you need to understand in depth how being shy can affect the career path you choose.

    Choose the easy road

    When you are shy, you tend to choose the easy road, as you don't believe you will be able to make it if obstacles come your way. When it comes to the career path you will choose, that will something easy and practical, something that does not require a lot of effort on your part. Quite often, out of fear that you are going to fail miserably, you end up choosing something that even you consider to be too easy. When choosing something easy, getting bored with it just as easily it is more than likely. And when you get bored doing your job, in all probability you will end up delivering less than what is expected of you.

    Afraid to speak up

    When you are shy, you are too afraid to speak up for what you believe in. As you find it extremely difficult to defend yourself and openly express your disagreement about something, you prefer choosing a career where you won't have to communicate with many people on a regular basis. That means that you prefer a career path where you will be working by yourself, at the privacy of your own home. While that may be helpful for you temporarily, in the long run it might make things worse for you, as it might lead to isolating yourself completely from others and therefore having an even bigger problem communicating effectively with them

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    Anthony -- it's plagiarism to use another persons words and publish them as your own.

    Your source seems to be:


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    yeah I couldn't post the link... but I think that accurately answered her question.

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    im getting confuse with the "effect" and "affect"
    can being shy fit in effect cause that what its in the topic
    "Eplain why you like or dislike something that has an effect on your life?"

    please help and thank you

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    yeah it can, an effect is Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result. Being shy has an effect on you, negative or positive?

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    i want to ask does being shy effects education

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