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true/false US history

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Please help, thanks :)

Racial segregation in public accommodations was upheld by the Supreme Court as long as the separate accommodations were of "equal welfare". I know it's false but I'm not sure what the term is.

A deep, long term economic downturn is known as a "recession". I put false and replaced it with depression.

"Desegregation" is the term used to describe a system where groups from different racial or ethnic groups use the same public accommodations. I put true.

A "recession" is when an organization spends more money than it takes in. I put false and replaced it with deficit.

  • true/false US history -

    1. Separate but equal

    2. Right

    3. Right

    4. Right

  • US History -

    thanks Ms. Sue.

  • true/false US history -

    You're welcome, Anthony.

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