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i need an urgen help with my eulogy

can someone please help me, please. i cant do some parts properly,and am not sure of some parts. so really need help.

This is a hard moment. It’s the moment we must say farewell to the to the brave young man, Callum McGregor. He left too early, but…
I’m Sephy Hadley and today I’m here to …
we’ve gathered for a heart-breaking occasion, for a moment to share sympathy to the man, Callum McGregor and his family.
(How can I arrange the introduction, so that it is powerful?)

Today is the day I have to face the harsh reality and overcome the sourness of the past. As Frank Herbert says, “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
It’s time for me to twist the path I had planned to follow with the one I loved…and start a new life, a life that is lived, not enjoyed, a life that seems like a dream, one that seems false…I’ve lost part of it, and am now up to where the cruel challenges are waiting to knock me over and laugh at the misery of my life. Callum was not an ordinary person, although he might seem as to some of you. To me, he was in fact someone who could understand every difficult situation and with a fearless mind (Does this sentence sound right?) That’s how I had known him from childhood and until today. And now that he has gone, I’ll be the same as him to his child who will soon come to life. Yes, I’m about to become a mother; and I can imagine how hard it is to outlive a child, Mrs McGregor. But, I cannot imagine how hard it would be to witness his death. But, I think that’s how you learn to overcome the difficult moments in life. ……(How can I express my deepest sympathy for her?)…

Say that he is not dead, he is here, he is watching us all and smiling at his life, at the life he fought to live. He was a tough guy! I will never forget how hard he tried to get into Heathcroft High. He was determined to get a proper education and was not afraid of the risks. There were only three other noughts beside him who passed the entrance exam. Of course that’s because they all wanted to get a better position in society, to challenge the Crosses and show them that they too can do can make something of themselves. Through his times at school, Callum strived for equity. He tried to prove that noughts have made a significant contribution to the living world too. He stood up against the unfair treatment by the principal at school when he was going to get suspended.
It was as if they had already prepared the spears that would be shot through his heart and leave him undone. He went through a lot of pain in order to live a meaningful life.

It is not easy to reflect on the past of the person whom your were closest to, but I’m here to remind you all of his life, his harsh, cruel life, BUT…a life that was worth living, because it could have saved other lives. And I mean, lives of those who are disadvantaged as a result of the inequality in this society. He was one of them, but did not give up and fought for justice. So, if he had succeeded, those unfortunates would never be in pain. I know this might seem stupid to those who believe that noughts and Crosses cannot live life together. Callum believed they could. He taught me see the divisions in our society. He made me question myself, and I will continue to question myself until this fake wall breaks down between the two different groups of humans, “Why on earth did this happen? How on earth did this happen? And when on earth did this happen?” I mean the breakdown of peace ad humanity among humans.
I personally think that we all should come together and live a life where there is no one who would feel small, who has no power and who cannot be seen by the rest. The reason I’m talking about this, is that because the death of Callum was not by faith, not by destiny, but was on purpose. If only everyone was equal in this country, then I think life would not be as tough as it is. I know how hard it has been for Callum and his family to overcome the injustice in this society. If there were no such names as ‘nought’ and ‘Cross’, maybe we would not be living, separate different lives. We are distance apart from each other, with one group realising how the other suffers from this segregation. Let’s not focus on Callum’s death, but remember the fact the he BATTLED against the injustice, with hope that he would succeed and save others from undergoing the pains he did. And this is a lesson for all of us, that we should always be optimistic and try ways to get out of adversity rather than trying to avoid it. We should all continue to fight for equality and injustice so that his death would not be in vain and so that we can succeed.

As the proved goes, “Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.” So Callum McGregor will never be forgotten and we will always remember what a fearless man he was to prepared to sacrifice his life for freedom. (How can I add more to this so that I have 3 statements beginning with ‘we will always remember…’)

(Where can I add something about how proud I am to have known this man?)

thank you so much

  • English -

    Usually, the very best way any of us can draw our audience in and clearly tell how much a person means to us is to tell a little story.

    For your introduction, here's an idea:

    1st part -- I’m Sephy Hadley, and today I’m here to tell you about my friend, Callum.

    2nd part -- Tell a little story about your friend, maybe something that happened when the two of you first met or maybe the MOST memorable thing that happened to the two of you.

    3rd part -- This is a hard moment. It’s the moment we must say farewell to the to this brave young man, Callum McGregor. He left too early, but we will not forget him.

    In any other places where you think you are becoming repetitive or are not sure you're saying things well, substitute a little story. What you want to do is to make sure everyone who is there will remember him as you remember him ... or as closely as possible.

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