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Mr. Phillips decides to have a completely fenced-in garden. It will be laid out so that one side is adjacent to his neighbor's property. The neighbor agrees to pay for half of that part of the fence which will border his property. The garden is to contain 432 square yards. What dimensions should Mr. Phillips select for his garden so that his own cost will be minimum?

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    I have now answered in detail several of your questions.
    You have posted quite a few , but have shown no work of your own for any of them.
    I will be glad to help with the others once you have shown me some effort on your part.

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    im sorry, i just have so much other homework, im also failing calculus cause im not understanding but i have other stuff to worry bout, usually i would go to tutoring to get this done but he gave it to me last min cause i went to the hospital, im not looking for sempithy i know i should just man up and do it but i have no excuse for not doing it blah blah blah thank you so much for helping me so far

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    i promise you i didn't make that up, im not trying to scam ppl into giving me answers, i really wanna learn but i just don't wanna cost my grade in the process, if you understand what i mean

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