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Two People who weigh the same climb a flight of stairs. The 1st person climbs the stairs in 30s, and the 2nd person climbs them in 40s. Which person does more work? which uses more power.
- I would personaly think the 2nd person does more work and power cus she weights the same yet she got there faster...there fore she had had to do more work cus she probly i right?

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    1. Since work equals force times distance(W = F*d), and the force or weights and distance were equal, the amount of work was also equal.

    2. We can use the horsepower(hp) Eq to compare their power outputs:

    hp = f*d / 550t = f*d / 550*30,
    hp = f*d / 16500 = 6.06x10^(-5)*fd.

    hp = f*d / 550*40,
    hp = f*d / 22000 = 4.55*10^(-5)*fd.

    NOTE: Fd is constant. Threefore, the 1st person used the most power.

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