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if you were stationary in space at the same distance from the sun as the eath is, how much force would the sun be exerting on you? what would be your acceleration towrd the sun? what would be the sun's acceleration toward you?

okay so im a little confused where to go with this, i have what the force of the sun exerting on me would be.
Fg=G M1M2/r^2
Fme= 6.7x10^-11((68kg)(2x10^30kg))/(1.5x10^11m)^2

for the acceleration i would either need a time
or i would need a velocity

but it says im stationary in space, do i assume that i am orbiting the sun at the same distance that the earth does and use one year as my time?

i do have another formula but i don't see how either of these will get me both the accelerations
G*M1M2/r^2=Mg Mg=a
that would still only be one acceleration
need some hints here please

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