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adverbs,adjectives in comparison

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t: Review - Adjectives, Adverbs, and Comparison
• Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a 150- to 300-word review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show.
• Bold each adverb.
• Underline each adjective.
• Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three comparatives and three superlatives. Place the three comparatives in italics and the three superlatives in “quotation marks.”
I would like to know if my grammar, puncuation, adjective,adverbs, and comparison are correct. Thank You.

Recently(adverb) I watched the karate kid the 2010 version it was different from the 1984 version. Every movie has uniqueness(adjective) of its own, and in every remake movie, you can always(adverb) see there is a twist when you compare it to the old movie. The 1984 version is based off the previously successful(adjective)l 1976 movie “Rocky”. The characters names and ethnic background are different(adjective). In the 1984 version, the karate kid named Daniel, moves in with his mother from New Jersey to California. The repairperson of their apartment named Mr. Miyagi is an immigrant from Okinawa. Daniel goes to school and befriends a beautiful(adverb) cheerleader named Ali. It angers her ex boyfriend Johnny who is a karate student that is the best of his class. Johnny and friends always (adverb)bully Daniel; he has no fighting experience except for what he learned at the YMCA. One day, Miyagi witnesses one of the beatings, he intervenes(adjective) and single handedly defeats(adjective) Johnny and his friends.

The karate kid 2010 version has will smith’s son Jaden playing the Karate kid. It is a good remake of the movie it takes place in Beijing, Japan. Jaden’s mother is offered a job in Japan, they move from Detroit to Japan. He falls for a girl, its draws wrath of a bully. The mentor, Jackie Chan (the maintenance man) teaches him how to defeat the bully. He takes the bully down and in the end wins the girl in the end.
In the karate kid 1984 version the mentor Mr.Miyagi more graceful (comparative) than MR. Han when it came to his way of teaching .Mr. Han is taller(comparative) than Mr. Miyagi and martial art movements were faster(comparitive). Mr. Miyagi’s method of training seemed to be the “easiest” of training compared to the 2010 version and the movie Rocky. The previews for the karate kid 2010 had the “biggest” (superlative)advertisement than the 1984 version. I liked the 2010-beginning version better, than the 1984, the graphics were the “greatest”(superlative), and seemed more(adverb) realistic. The character in Rocky looked the “healthiest”(superlative) of both actors in karate kid. Each of the movies are classics and extracts some new meaning every time I watch them. They will be up there with the “greatest” movies ever made.

  • adverbs,adjectives in comparison -

    Most of your identifications are correct. However -- here are corrections:

    uniqueness(adjective) >> noun

    beautiful(adverb) >> adjective

    defeats(adjective) >> verb

  • adverbs,adjectives in comparison -

    thank you, how was my sentence structer?

  • adverbs,adjectives in comparison -

    Another correction:

    Intervenes is a verb, not an adjective.

    As for sentence structure -- you have several run-on sentences in the second paragraph.

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  • adverbs,adjectives in comparison -

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