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US History

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5. When a government lifted price controls after the war, prices
a. remained about the same
b. rose faster than wages
c. fell to prewar levels
d. required government support
Can't decide between A and B...

6. Which of the following contributed to the cattle ranching bust?
a. overgrazing
b. cattle thieves
c. competition from Mexican ranchers
d. invention of barbed wire

7. One example of the shift in attitudes brought by the women's movement was a significant change in
a. racial discrimination
b. men's treatment of women
c. women's career goals
d. homemaking tasks

8. What did the Office of Price Administration issue to consumers for buying scarce items?
a. home-front coins
b. credit cards
c. ration books of coupons
d. special armbands
Not sure..

9. During the war, entrepreneurs like Robert Woodruff prospered by
a. agreeing to refrain from lockouts
b. creating new markets for their products
c. rejecting the "cost-plus" system
d. organizing the Office of War Mobilization


  • US History -

    5. I think it's B.

    6. Correct

    7. Wrong

    8. C. I remember ration books.

    9. Correct. He stated that he wanted the military personnel to be able to buy Coke any where in the world for a nickel.

  • US History -

    5b, 6 if you are speaking of the 1887 winter, the bust was caused by harsh winter, overgrazing, and a few other factors.
    7, 8 both c.

    9b,if you are speaking of WWI. He sold to the government a design for a truck that only his company could produce.

  • US History -

    Thank you, both of you!

  • US History -

    You're welcome. :-)

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