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18. Which of the following best describes the overall function of hormones?
A. To control physiological processes in the body
B. To provide a pathway for nerve messages
C. To stimulate the growth and maturation of body organs
D. To determine masculine or feminine reproductive traits19. Which one of the following processes is performed by the endocrine system?
A. Secretion of hormones from cells
B. Breakdown of hormones into simpler molecules
C. Transport of hormones to muscles
D. Excretion of hormones from the body
20. What is the best available treatment for hypothyroidism?
A. Increased dietary iodine
B. Supplementary thyroid hormone
C. Avoidance of certain drugs
D. Thyroid gland transplantation
21. Which part of the ear is normally filled with fluid to aid in the transmission of sound
A. Auditory canal C. Semicircular canals
B. Cochlea D. Malleus

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