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All our streets run north-south or east-west, and the shop is 6 blocks east and 8 blocks north.I lost both races.The first tim, i rode directly east for 6 blocks and then directly north for 8 blocks.the next time i tried zig-zagging.both times he was laughing when i got there can you tell how many blocks he beat me by? prove your answer by trying different equations
they both ride bikes in the same speed

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    Is there a park in one or more of the block where 'he' can ride across the park?

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    Did you both start at the same time?

    Did he cross the streets diagonally?

    Are you located near the North Pole, in which case it is preferable to go north, THEN east.

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    "preferable" meaning that the distance is shorter.

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    no the one who got beat actually got a head start

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    i don't get this!!

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    Are the beginign and end points of the race both at the intersection? or is the shop in the middle of the street?

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    it doesn't say it just says that the shop 6 blocks east and 8 blocks north.
    btw it says that the one that got beat got 3 blocks head-start

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    Here's my explanation about the north pole:

    If the streets are in the northern hemisphere (such as in the US and Canada), the distance between two longitudes is shorter as we go further north.

    Therefore, if you go east 6 blocks, and then north 8 blocks, the distance is longer than if you go north 8 blocks, and then east 6 blocks, because the distance between the same two longitudes (the 6 blocks) is shorter further north.

    The further north you go, the greater is the difference. In the limit, at or near the north pole, the difference is considerable.

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