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What roles do school teachers play in their community? Is it important that teachers are involved in the community.

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    Mine is probably a minority opinion, but I don't think school teachers need to be involved in the community in which they teach. Their full time jobs are to educate the young people of the community. Volunteering to be further involved is not necessary. The community has enough natural leaders without involving the teachers.

    I taught in a rural school district over 20 miles from my home. I wasn't involved in that community -- and I know I wasn't missed. <g>

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    I agree with Ms. Sue.

    I lived in the community where I taught for a while, but then found a house in a different community when I was ready to buy. Short of taking my son to baseball and soccer practices and games, I was so busy raising two kids, preparing lessons, and grading papers, I couldn't have done much extra!

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