9th grade Social Studies

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i also have problems studying and understanding social studies. i don't know what to do my grades are way low. can you please give me some tips and ideas on how i can work on it?

  • 9th grade Social Studies -


    There are lots of study-guide websites, and many are very good. However, I think the one linked above is the best.

    It's best if you go through the lessons here in order. It's also a good idea not to read through all of them at one sitting and try to put all the ideas to work at once. You'll overwhelm yourself and nothing will be accomplished.

    Take your time and go through each lesson carefully. Put ideas to work one at a time. Many ideas are for use at home (for when you are doing homework, reading, studying...), and many others are for use in class. Please take these to heart and learn how to learn. It'll be worth it the rest of your life.

  • 9th grade Social Studies -

    Before study Social st. Consentration on OM. Learn a lesson a day. Donot cönfuse during study history. And learn the dates carefully. And take rest after 3 hours for 10 min. It refreshes your mind & before the exams learn every lesson of each sub. Every day...

  • 9th grade Social Studies -

    what is it about

  • 9th grade Social Studies -

    Hi my name is Marbella and i have a problem of doing history

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