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matt thinks that all the values of x and y that absolute value | | would make this statment true

|x+y|= |x|+|y|

if x is -5 and y is -6 then replacing x and y for the values would look like this:
|x+y|=|-5+-6|= |-11|=11
|x|+|y|= |-5|+|-6|=5+6=11

Is matt a true smarty pants? could matt be proven wrong? show work to try and prove him wrong. also explain in words how you got the answer

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    how about x = +5 and y = -6

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    no it doesnt say that its just states is he right or not

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    How do I figar out the third of a amount of money

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    Try the numbers I suggested to see if he is right or wrong.

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