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Can someone please proofread my essay on snitching and help fix any grammar error to make it flow better. Did I correctly use the word liabilities?

Snitching is the cause of a lot of problems that go on in the work environment today. A snitch is “a person who reports another of either apparent or factual wrong doing and receives benefit for doing so.” Potential problems that can be developed by snitching are lost of trust in the workplace, animosity, lost of productivity and much more. I don’t feel one should be rewarded for snitching on a co-worker. If one employee snitches on another and the information turns out to be false then it should be explained to that employee that they are causing animosity and affecting someone else’s happiness and productivity in the workplace. If the employee’s behavior continues then that person should be referred to the HR department where appropriate disciplinary measures can be taken. There are liabilities that are brought upon the company like having to deal with a dysfunctional workplace, employee turnover, not to mention the lost of time and money and trouble of even having to hire new staff. Liabilities that fall on the employee doing the snitching are trust. Snitching can be considered unethical because it tends to lead to negative consequences for the snitch and more than often causes more trouble than its even worth. There is a big difference between snitching and being a whistle-blower exposing a person or company for something illegal, dangerous and unethical is always the right thing to do.

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    lost of trust = loss of trust

    lost of productivity = loss of productivity

    employee that he/she is causing (singular)

    lost of tim = loss of time

    I don't understand this statement: "Liabilities that fall on the employee doing the snitching are trust. " (liabilities is plural and trust is singular)

    its even worth = it's (short for it is)

    lost of time and money = loss of...

    being a whistle-blower; exposing (2 separate sentences)


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