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(Continuing my older English post)
Okay, So I understand what it means now. But I just don't know how to write it out. I've been trying to write this for an hour now. I'm a Muslima, I'm a also a female, I guess those are both tthings I could write. But I don't know what I'm supposed to mention.

Please, give me some ideas, please

When it comes to each individual, everyone has their own ethos, or specific characteristics that belong to their particular group or organization. I believe that being a female and being Muslim are both groups that involve their own particular ethos.

This is what I've come up with in an hour

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    What makes you as a Muslim different from other religious groups? What are your values? What are your customs? What are your hopes? your dreams?

    Breaking this down further, what customs and values make you different from Muslim men?

    I'm sure you can think of more characteristics that involve your specific ethos.

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    When it comes to each individual, everyone has their own ethos, or specific characteristics that belong to their particular group or organization. I believe that being a female and being Muslim are both groups that involve their own particular ethos. There are, of course, specific characteristics and specific traits that give you that ethos. This involves, for example, the beliefs that make Muslims different from other religious groups. For instance, being a Muslim I have different values than most of the other religions. My beliefs, my dressing, my ever day actions are all things that portray my religion and show the similarities as well as the differences in Muslims and followers of other religions. Being a Muslim I also have some different hopes and dreams than other people. I hope to not only become a better person in life but also a better Muslim or a better follower of my faith. My dreams not only include the common dreams that ever person my age has about the success in this life, but also the religious views that I have about life and how I would like to improve that in the future.
    Now, being a Muslim female, I also have totally different beliefs, values, and customs than men or, more specifically, Muslim men. As a female I have specific rights as well as specific duties that i need to uphold in my life.

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    No!!! This is just a bunch of words with no substance!

    You need to be specific! You need to explain what rights, duties, values, dreams, etc. that YOU have.

    You need to explain to someone who knows nothing about your ethos just what it is that makes it unique.

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    Okayy, I didn't know if I had to get all personal in this or not..

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    Yes, you need to get personal.

    For instance, many non-Muslims believe that jihad involves violence. What does jihad mean to you?

    How are your rights and duties different than a Christian or Jewish woman's?

    Details! Details! Details!

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    I'm getting the point of it now. Ofcourse I need to be personal!
    Sorry, I'm a little slow at understanding all the directions. But you guys always help out. Thank you especially Ms.Sue, I feel like I've graduated high school partly because of you : )

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    You're very welcome, Y. You're operating under a handicap, not having the benefit of teachers whom you could hear and see in person during most of your high school courses.

    I'm delighted that you're in a bricks-and-walls college and are experiencing success! Keep up the good work!

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