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Classify as Simple, compound, complex or compound complex.

1)There has been a significant change in public opinion about air pollution since the Donora disaster of 1948.

2)Although public opinion about air pollution has changed, we have only begun the struggle for clean air.

3)The second annual report of the Council on Enviromental Quality concludes that air pollution in general has increased since 1969.

4) In a few areas, at least, some progress has been made.

5) There has also been a slight decline in pollution from solid wastes, perhaps because municipal dumps now do less openair burning than they did in the past.

6)The overall picture of the state of our air is not good, though, espically in the inner cities, where business and industry tend to be concentrated.

7) New York, chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia lead the country in population, and they also lead in air pollution.

8) One obvious difficulty in controlling air pollution is the monitoring of the offenders.

9) It is often difficult to determine just where the air pollution is coming from and just how much pollution a given offender is producing.

10) Devices such as laser detection systems are now being developed to make the job of monitoring easier and more efficient.

11) There are some people, Like Dr. Raymond Slavin, who feel that our approach to air pollution is backward.

12) Dr. Slavin questions the advisability of leaving a pollutant in the air until it is proved harmful.

  1. Ms. Sue

    You seem to have forgotten to post YOUR answers.

    We'll be glad to check them for you.

  2. Tom Jameson


    4)compound complex





  3. Tom Jameson

    13) Air pollution, from the internal combustion engine has declined slightly as newer cars with antipollution devices have replaced older cars without them.

  4. Ms. Sue

    I didn't get any farther than the 5th sentence because 3 of the first 5 are wrong.

    Please study your text materials or these sites, and repost.



  5. Tom Jameson

    1) complex
    2) complex
    3) complex
    8) Simple

  6. Ms. Sue

    That's better. Only # 1 is still wrong. The sentence has only one verb.

    6 - 13 are much better. Only 9 and 13 are wrong.

  7. Tom Jameson

    1 is simple
    6- simple
    13- complex because as is a subordinating conjunction that separates ic and dc

  8. Ms. Sue

    You were right the first time about 6.

    Yes, 1 is simple, and 13 is complex.

  9. Tom Jameson

    i meant 9 is simple as well

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