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Algebra-Please help me

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Could you please show me how to solvethis:

x+6/4x^2 + 3/2x^2 = x + 4/2x^2

Please show me the steps-I don't even know where to start and I have 30 of these for homework

Thank you

  • Algebra-Please help me -

    For some strange reason, I think you meant to type
    (x+6)/4x^2 + 3/2x^2 = (x + 4)/2x^2
    The LCD is 4x^2, so let's multiply each term by that

    x+6 + 6 = 2(x+4)
    x+12 = 2x + 8
    x = 4

    If you meant it the way you typed, it will turn into a cubic equation, ... very hard to solve.

  • Algebra-Reiny please check -

    How can the LCD be 4x^2 when you have two (2x^2) as two of the denominators?

  • Algebra-Please help me -

    help finding a slope of any object in my house. I cant find anything to measure and how to describe it.

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