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physics help!!

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a wheel of radius R rotates making f revolutions per second. the quantity f is know as the frecuency of the motion. show tha 1/f is the time to complete one revolution, called the period T of the motion. show that the centripetal acceleration of a point at the rim of the wheel is a=4(3.14)^2Rf^2

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    The distance around the wheel is 2PI*r

    that is the distance it goes on one rev.

    so on one rev, it goes 2PI*r, now in one second, it does this f times,

    so the time for one revolution then is 1/f.

    centripetal acceleration= v^2/r
    but v= 2PI*r/period=2PI*r*f
    v^2=4PI^2 r^2 f^2
    so v^2/r= 4PI^2 f^2 r

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