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hi. I need help writing a speech!! I need to write a speech about the Civil War. Please help!! At least get me started?!

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    Erin --

    What do you want to say about the Civil War?

    Have you done some research?

    Have you made an outline?

    Have you made a thesis sentence?

    Write the introduction after you've written the rest of your speech. You can't introduce something without knowing what you're introducing!

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    I know a lot about the Civil War. The only thing I need help with is
    1 a catchy phrase
    2 how to introduce it like

    " Today I will be informing you abot the Civil War. The war the tore friends and families apart and slavery. "

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    If you want help from Jiskha tutors, you will at least post the outline of what you want to say.

    We can't help you with an introduction without knowing what you are saying in your speech!

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  • Speech African marriage is an advantage for men only not woman -

    I just need you your help to do a research about the topic that I wrote above

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