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Can you help me check these sentences, please? Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

1) When did the fire break out (?) in London?
2) The old cathedral was badly damaged by a fire which broke out in a baker's shop in London.
2) What material was used to build most of the buildings? What material were most of the buildings made of? They had a wooden structure.
3)How much of the city did the fire destroy?
4)He was in charge of /he was charged with the task/he was given the task of planning the cathedral. (or His job was to plan the cathedral?)
5)How lond did the building of the cathedral last? Up to what age did Wren live and where was he buried?
6) What aspects of the individual did the Romantics exalt? How did they view the child?
7)What changes did the Industrial Revolution bring to Britain?
What major themes does J. Conrad deal with in his novel “Heart of Darkness”?
8)How are the flowers introduced in the first stanza of William Wordsworth’s poem “Daffodils”? What view of nature is presented in the poem?
9)How does W.Wordsworth define the task of the poet in his Preface to the second edition of "Lyrical Ballads"?

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    5. How long...?

    Everything else is possible as well.


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