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I need help... I don't need the answer just how I would figure this out.

Identify the hypotenuse of the triangle by giving its letter.

It is a triangle with the left and bottom lines of the triangle as a right angle. The longest line of the triangle is the top.

q, p, and r

q and p are a part of the right angle side. r is the longest part.

I am having trouble starting this problem and figuring it out.


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    To find the hypotenuse you need to know the pythagorean theorem where a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Here a and b are the sides of the triangle that make the right angle and c is the hypotenuse. If you plug it in to that equation you should have your answer.

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    The hypotenuse is always the longest side and across from the right angle. So which letter does that match up with?

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    OOOOO OKAY so R is the longest side making R the hypotenuse

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    Good job!

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    Thank you... I was under the intention that I had to find something from it being a 90 degree angle lol. It has been awhile since I took geometry. Not too long but still a great refresher. :D

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