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Two sides of a triangle have the same length. The third side measures 4 meters less than twice the common length . The perimeter of the triangle is 16 meters. What are the lengths of the three sides?

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    a-lenght of two sides of triangle
    c- lenght of third side of triangle


    P=a+a+c= 2a+(2a-4)= 2a+2a-4= = 4a-4

    4(a-1)=16 Divided with 4
    a-1= 16/4
    a-1= 4
    a=4+1= 5

    a=5 meters

    c=2a-4 = 2*5-4 = 10-4= 6

    c=6 meters

    Perimeter=a+a+c=5+5+6=10+6= 16 meters

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    correcto albreto

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