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Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of.
1) Mickey hasn't finished the washing-up, yet. He is late for the audition and Storm offers to do the washing up for him. She reminds him that on his first day in London he told her that he wanted to be famous. She believes he hasn't made it so far.
2) Storm thinks the audition is his chance to hit the big time.(to hit it big, to become successful)
3) She tells him that Jason has already audition for his part and he will probably get it.
4) Mickey rushes out of the restaurant in his apron and runs towards his future.
5) The worst journey I have ever had was in Greece. I went on a ferry cruise from Genua to Patras. The journey took many hours and I was seasick most of the time.
6) When I arrived in Patras,I miss the bus connection with (?) Athens and I had to wait at the harbour in Patras for three hours.

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    3. auditioned (past tnese)

    6. missed (past tense).....connection to Athens


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