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Does my hypothesis match with my intro? I'm writing a lab report.


The intention of this lab is to find the pH of different household material. Boiled red cabbage juice will be used as the pH indicator. pH is the chemical potential of hydrogen and the scale
of how acidic, neutral, or basic a substance is. Acidic substances are on a scale from 0 to 7 with
0 being more acidic and 7 being less acidic. Basic substances are on a scale from 7 to 14 with 7
being less basic and 14 being more basic. A pH of 7 is neutral.

In chemistry, an indicator is used to detect the existence of specific chemicals or types of chemicals. Red cabbage juice is an example of an acid-base indicator solution. Red cabbage contains the pigments flavonol and anthocyanin. These pigments cause solutions that have red cabbage indicator to change color.


I hypothesized that the pH of the different products I tested would be different.

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