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a) A plot of lnv vs. lnT should be a straight line. Why?
b) What is the slope of the straight line?
c) What is the intercept of the straight line?

  • Physics - Standing Waves -

    v= sqrt (T/linearmassdension)

    lnv= 1/2 Ln(T/LMD)= 1/2 lnT - 1/2 Ln(LMD)

  • Physics - Standing Waves -

    a) It's a straight line because it is a function os the form y=mx+b

    b) The slope of the line if m=0.5

    c) The intercept of ln v is -0.5ln(LMD) and the intercept of the ln T axis is 0.5 ln (LMD)

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