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A flat uniform circular disk (radius = 2.10 m, mass = 1.00 102 kg) is initially stationary. The disk is free to rotate in the horizontal plane about a frictionless axis perpendicular to the center of the disk. A 40.0-kg person, standing 1.00 m from the axis, begins to run on the disk in a circular path and has a tangential speed of 2.60 m/s relative to the ground.

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    To find Tangential spped , first you do ...
    and you're solving for w
    so basically w=(2mvr)/MR^2
    where m= to the mass of the disk(2.10)
    r= radius of disk(102)
    M=mass of person(40)
    R=radius of the person(1.00)
    v=tangential speed(2.60)

    good luck!

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