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Honors Geometry

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In a proof, I am given that Triangle GCF is congruent to Triangle GKF is congruent to Triangle JHM. Triangle GCF and Triangle GKF are Vertical Angles. I am also given that Angle C(on Triangle GCF) is 4y, and Angle G(on Triangle GKF) is 16y. So, obviously, the angle opposite it is the same. However, I cannot get all three angles to add up to 180. Could you please explain how to find it or send me a link that might help? Thank you soo very much.

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    Triangle FGH has the following side lengths:

    FG = 5 ft, GH = 10 ft, HF = 12 ft

    Triangle PQR is similar to triangle FGH.
    The longest side of triangle PQR, RP = 7.2 ft.

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