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what does restrictive and nonrestrictive mean???????

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    Please help Ms.Sue its a six grade level.

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    If you are referring to the different clauses and resulting comma uses,

    ~~ restrictive means that the clause restricts the meaning of the noun it's modifying; example: The lady who is standing over by the painting looks familiar.

    ~~ non-restrictive means that the clause does not restrict the meaning of the noun it's modifying; it adds information but is not needed to make the sentence clear; example: My older sister, who is standing over by the painting, is looking at us.

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    If you're asking about restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses, study these sites carefully.



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    what if it says
    Marco, my older brother, likes to play
    my older brother is underlined would that be nonrestrictive or restrictive

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    It's non-restrictive (added information) because Marco is already clearly identified. This is also why there are commas before and after my older brother.

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    ms 226 6th grade homework queens

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