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write a story problem that represents each division expression.then solve the problem a. write a story problem that represents 528/24 divided

  • math 5TH GRADE -

    A family group of 24 people went out to dinner together. Their total bill was $528. How much did each person pay?

  • math 5TH GRADE -

    at morris elementary there are 45 students in each grade, four though six. In the fourth grade, 19 participate in sports after school. Two out of every six fifth graders play sports after school. In the sixth-grade class, seven of every ten students are noot playing sports. Which grade has the most students plaing sports after school.

  • math 5TH GRADE -

    fifth gades have the most students playing sports after school.

  • math 5TH GRADE -

    Mr.Jones is planting roses in 3\4 of his garden. He wants 2/5 of the roses to be red. What fraction of the roses will be red.

  • math 5TH GRADE -


  • math 5TH GRADE -


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