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It says, A plane travels 400 mi/h relative to the ground. There is a 25 mi/h wind blowing from the west to the east. Find the plane's resultant velocity as it:

a. travels west:
b. travels east:
c. travels north:
d. The plane's final destination is 1250 miles north. If the plane heads directly north, how far off course will the plane be blown?
e. What direction must the plane move toward in order to head straight north? (preAP, find angle)
f. What would the planes speed be, relative to the ground, if it were to head straight north?

  1. Henry

    a. V = 400 - 25 = 375 mi/h.

    b. V = 400 + 25 = 425 mi/h.

    c. X = hor = 25 mi/h.

    Y = ver = 400 mi/h.

    tanA = Y/X = 400/25 = 16,
    A = 86.4 deg CCW.

    d. B = 90 - 86.4 = 3.6 deg.

    e. 90 + 3.6 = 93.6 deg.

    f. V = 400 / sin86.4 = 400.8 mi/h.

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