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balance the followig example of a heterogeneous equilibrium and write its reaction quotient, Qc:
S8 + F2=SF6
i've balanced it i think i got
S8 +24F2 =8SF6 but when i try it it keeps telling me that i'm wrong when i write out the Qc

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    Your equation is balanced correctly. I suspect your Qc expression is wrong (this is just a guess) because you have included S8 (a solid). Does the equation, as it appears in the original question, have phases; for example,
    S8(s) + 24F2(g) ==> 8SF6(g)

    Then Qc = (SF6)^8/(F2)^24

    The secret word in the problem is "hetergeneous" equilibrium
    Solids and liquids are not included in those equilibrium expressions if they are solid/liquid in their normal state and the reaction is at T and P of their normal state.

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    i just need the reaction type for it

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