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Thank you very much for your help. I still ha a few doubts on a few sentences.I hope you can have a look at them, too

1)Tess has heard about Mickey by her friend Storm. Mickey is broke. He’s got a job as a dish washer. He works every evening after school and on Saturday, too.
2)He walks to work and he’s always tired. Storm feels sorry for him and thinks he is going to give up drama school.
3)She thinks he shouldn’t give it up because he has worked really hard. Storm believes Mickey should audition for the part of Kieran in the soap “Best Days”.
4) Mickey doesn’t know anything about Storm’s idea.Mickey decides to audition for the part of Kieran, a confident teenager who is often in trouble.
5)Should (shall) I wear anything special for the audition?
6) Must I bring a letter of permission from my parents or from the school?
Where and when does the audition take place? Must I bring the music, too?
7) Which is the nearest station if I travel by tube?
8)What kind of music do I have to bring? Which bus numbers go to the audition place? Which is the quickest way to get there?
9)I top up my cell phone once a month and I load it every evening.
I subscribed to Vodafone. (?) I'm a Vodafone subscriber (?)
I use the phone to make local calls, send e-mail, play online games, surf the net and listen to the radio. Thanks to my phone I can keep up to date on (?) what happens in the world.

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    1. "by her friend" is better said "from her friend."

    Everything else is fine.


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