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CH3COOH + C5H12O -> C7H14O2 + H2O
If the yield for the reaction is 45%, how many grams of the product are formed when 3.58 g of acetic acid are reacted with 4.75 grams of isopentyl alcohol?

Millimoles of acetic acid= 59.6667
Millimoles of isopentyl alcohol= 53.9773

How would I convert mmoles acetic acid to mmoles of the product and mmoles isopentyl alcohol to mmoles of the product?

Would I take the millimoles of each(acetic acid and isopentyl alcohol) and multiply that value by the molecular weight of the products (148 g/mol)?

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    To convert mmoles of one item to mmoles of another item, you use the coefficients in the balanced equation.
    mmoles acetic acid = about 59.7; therefore,
    59.7 mmoles acetic acid x (1 mole isopentyl acetate/1 mole acetic acid) = mmoles isopentyl actate.

    ??mmoles isopentyl alcohol x (1 mole product/1 mole isopentyl alcohol) = moles product.

    g product = moles product x molar mass product.

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