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a storage bin is shaped like a cylinder with a hemisphere shaped top. the cylinder is 45 inches tall. the volume of the bin is 4131 pi cubic inches. find the radius of the bin.

i think [4(pi)r(cubed)]/3=volume of hemisphere

and h (pi) r squared volume of the cylinder.


[4(pi) r (cubed)/3] + [45 (pi) r squared= volume of bin


[4 r (cubed)/3] + [45 (pi) r squared=volume

how do i solve for r?

sorry, i'm stuck

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    the volume of a sphere is 4/3 PI r^3, so a hemisphere would be half of that.

    If you have an equation such as this,

    a r^3 + b r^2 + c=0

    it is a third degree equation. I think I would graph
    f(r)= a r^3+b r^2+c and see where it crosses the axis, that is a solution.
    There are ways to solve cubic equations, but for this, I would graph it.

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    thanks Mr. Pursley,
    graphing it now.

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