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Two gases are contained in gas bulbs connected by a valve. Gas A is present in a 56 L bulb at a pressure of 213 torr. Gas B exerts a pressure of 683 torr in a 74 L bulb. What is the partial pressure of gas B after they
equilibrate once the valve has been opened? Answer in units of torr.

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    How many moles are in gas A?
    Use PV = nRT and solve for n.

    How many moles are in gas B?
    Solve for n for that gas.

    Now, using PV = nRT and a NEW volume (the final volume = 74L+56L = ??L) calculate the P of each gas by itself.

    There is a much easier way to do it.
    P1V1 = P2V2 for each gas.

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    Thanks, I thought I could use Boyle's Law, but it seemed too easy.

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    0. 632atm

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