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Thank you very much for your help.Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of.
1) An ancient mariner stops one among three wedding guests. This is fascinated by the mariner's grey beard and above all by his glittering eye.
2)The mariner seems to appear from nowhere. The only mobile thing about him is his glittering eye, which casts the spell that binds the guest and makes him listen to his story. His beard is long and grey, his eyes are glittering and bright and his hands are skinny.
3)The wedding guest is a close relative of the bridegroom or the bride.
4)First, the mariner holds his hands which the wedding guest asks him to drop and then he holds his will.
The wedding guest, like a three-year-old child, is forced to listen to the Mariner's tale. "He cannot choose but hear". (He cannot refuse to listen to his story).
5)The mariner tells him how his ship was cheered and left the harbor. It sailed southward in good weather and reached the Equator.
6)The weather grew terribly cold. The land of ice was dominated by fearful sounds where no living creature was to be seen. In particular, the ice is presented as a dangerous creature which made deep, very loud noises. The floating blocks of ice are also said to send a mysterious sheen.
7)The albatross ate food it had never eaten before and flew round the ship . The ice split as the sound of thunder and the helmsman steered them through.
A good South wind sprung up (synonym?) behind the ship.
8)The albatross followed them for nine nights while the white Moon glimmered through a white smokey fog.

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    1. "This is fascinated" is not quite clear enough but "This guest is..." is!

    4. "Holds his will?" At first thought I thought it referred to the will a dying patient might write!

    7. synonyms for "sprung up" = arose, developed, emerged, swelled


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