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Can you please check if the following statements on the English language are possible? Thank you very much.

1) As for its origin, English is a Germanic language of the Indo-European family.
2)The history of the English language can be traced back (dates back to, goes back) to the arrival of three Germanic tribes to the British Isles during the 5th Century AD.
3)Angles, Saxons and Jutes crossed the North Sea from what is the present day Denmark and northern Germany.
4) As a consequence of the invasion by these Germanic tribes four dialects developed.
5) During the 7th and 8th centuries, Northumbria’s culture and language dominated Britain.
6)The Viking invasions of the 9th Century brought this domination to an end. Only Wessex remained as an independent kingdom.
7) By the 10th Century, the West Saxon dialect became the official language of Britain. Written Old English developed in this period.
8)As a consequence of the Norman invasion of 1066, French became the language of the Norman aristocracy and added more vocabulary to English.
9)As for the structure of the language, the Germanic form of plurals was eventually displaced by the French method of making plurals: adding an "es".
9)It wasn’t until the 14th Century that English became dominant in Britain. By the end of the 14th Century, the dialect of London had emerged as the standard dialect of what we now call Middle English.

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