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a 50 pound bag of glossy coat horse feed cost $23.50. A 25 pound bag cost $15.50. How much money per pound would you save by buying the bag with the lower unit price?

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    you have to solve for amount per pound of each:
    23.5/50 = ?
    15.5/25 = ?

    then subtract the answers you got to get the amount per pound that can be saved by buying the lower unit price.

    hope this helps. :)

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    4oes 23.5/50 = 0.47;

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    right. :)

    how about 15.5/25 = ?

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    right. :)
    now, subtract them to get amount per pound that can be saved.

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    0.14 punds?

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    right. :)
    but since it's amount per pound, the units must be in dollars/pound.

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