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36x^2 - 49y^2 divided by 6x + 7y
meaning 36x^2 - 49y^2 is on top and
6x + 7y is on bottom.

Please help, my teacher nor course book covers when there are different variables

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    (36x^2 - 49y^2)/(6x + 7y)
    notice that the numerator is a difference of two squares,, recall:
    a^2 - b^2 = (a+b)(a-b)
    thus the numerator can be factored into:
    then cancel the common factor and you get 6x - 7y

    hope this helps.

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    Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I even understand exactly how you go the answer. I've been doing the tutoring at my school for almost 2 days with the same tutor and they cannot explain it on an easy to understand level. I really really appreciate your help!!!!!

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    you're welcome, Jordyn! :)

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