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The captain sinks a ship located x distance away with a cannon located on the top of a cliff that is 65m high. if the cannon ball has a velocity of 55m/s and the captain sinks the ship, how far was the ship from the base of the cliff.

I got 731.5 meters. is that right?

  • Physics -

    ASSUMING the cannon direction was horizontal, and neglect air resistance.

    Time to free-fall 65m, t:
    65 = ut+(1/2)gt²
    u=0 (initial vertical velocity)
    t=√(65*2/9.81)=3.64 s.

    Horizontal distance = 3.64*ux
    = 3.64*55
    = 200.2m

    Can you explain how you got 731.5m?

  • Physics -

    I do not know in what direction the cannon was aimed, particularly, the elevation.

    Assuming horizontal, and no one would shoot a cannon horizontal, but

    time to fall 65m...
    65=1/2 g t^2 or
    t= sqrt 130/9.8= 3.64sec

    distance horizontal= 55m/s*3.64 which is not your answer.

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