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How do I graph 35-5y=0?

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    first solve for y,, to do this, transpose all terms without variable 'y' into the other side of equation:
    35 - 5y = 0
    -5y = -35
    *when transposing a term, the sign becomes the opposite (thus 35 becomes -35)
    then divide everything by -5 to get y alone:
    (-5/-5)y = (-35/-5) = 7
    y = 7
    since in the equation, there is no variable x, y is independent of x, that is, the value of y is constant.
    some points passing through this are:
    (-1,7) , (0,7) , (2,7) , (5,7)
    *notice that all points have the same y-coordinates since y is constant.

    then you can graph it now. :)

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