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There are 420 calories in 2 1/4 cans of grape soda. How many calories are in 1 can of soda?

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    420cal = 2.25 cans
    ? cal = 1can

    To find the number of calories we just do the cross product, so:

    420cal x 1can / 2.25cans = ? cal
    420cal/2.25cans = 186.6667cal

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    you have to divide 420 by 2 1/4,, to do this, you must first convert 2 1/4 into improper fraction:
    2 1/4 = 9/4
    *note that to convert mixed number into improper fraction, multiply the denominator (which is 4) by the whole number (which is 2), then add the numerator (which is 1), thus 4*2 + 1 = 9, but the denominator is still 4, thus it's 9/4,,
    then divide:
    420 / (9/4)
    *to do this, get the reciprocal of 9/4, that is, interchange numerator and denominator:
    9/4 --> reciprocal is 4/9
    now, the operation becomes multiplication instead of division:
    420 * (4/9) = ?
    you simplify this.

    so there,, :)

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    Thank you Ivan and Jai.

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