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I have to rewrite this following sentence replacing the direct object nouns with direct object pronouns.

Elle monte l'escalier.

How would you do it???

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    First of all, learn the direct-object pronouns in French:
    me, te, nous, vous (you don't have to really distinguish between direct or indirect-object pronouns here because in French those 4 look alike. It is 3rd person singular and plural which can cause trouble:
    le, la (l' before a vowel or unsounded h ), les

    The direct object is l'escalier. Knowing that it is masculine singular, it will be replaced with "le" so t he sentence is: Elle (subject) le (direct object) monte. (verb)

    That will give you the word order for an affirmative sentence = subject + direct-object pronoun + verb.
    Negative or interrogative sentences are a bit different.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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