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having trouble factoring this particular problem


factored by grouping

x(x-12) (7y-6) (7y+6)

the answer in the book has


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    first, notice that the first three terms, x^2-12x+36, is a perfect square, and can be factored into (x-6)(x-6),, now rewriting the expression, it becomes:
    (x-6)^2 - 49y^2
    (x-6)^2 - (7y)^2
    this looks like difference of two squares,, let a = x-6 and b=7y, thus:
    a^2 - b^2

    so there,, :)

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    Gotta remember those damn steps. I immediately assumed it was four terms so I factor by grouping. I forgot that you first look for common factor, then squares etc.


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