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what volume in Liters of 0.15M KCl solution is required to completely react with 0.150 liter of a 0.175M Pb(NO3)2 solution according to the following balanced equation?
2KCl(aq)+ Pb(NO3)2(aq)-PbCl2(s)+ 2KNO3(aq)

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    moles Pb(NO3)2 = M x L = 0.175 x 0.150 = 0.02625.
    From the equation, it takes 2 moles KCl to = 1 mole Pb(NO3)2; therefore, moles KCl = 2 x 0.02625 = 0.0525
    Then M KCl = moles KCl/L KCl.
    You know M and moles, solve for L.

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