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Hi, I am doing my lab assignment about Protein Analysis.

Our job is to find the concentration of the casein protein in our original Unknown sample with the initial volume of 2ml.

So after plotting the graph of the data given, we are supposed to find the equation for the line of best fit. I got y= 0.0028x + 0.0338.

We are told to use this equation to determine the protein concentration of our sample remembering that the concentration you determine from our standard curve is based on the diluted volume of 10mls.

To sum it up; for my unknown sample, i know v1=2, v2=10 and absorbance=0.178
I don't know c1, or c2.

How would I determine these two questions:
1. Based on this standard curve, you have determined the protein concentration of your sample to be??

2. Therefore the amount of protein in the original 2ml sample was??

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    Using my equation of
    y= 0.0028x + 0.0338
    0.178=0.0028x + 0.0338
    (0.178-0.0338)/0.0028 =x

    So I got 5.15 for #1...does that seem right? I used the absorbance as y and found x.

    Then for #2, I have figured out protein concentration which is also c2, knowing c2,v1,v1; I can then solve for c1 which will give me the amount of protein??
    using c1c2=v1v2
    I get c1= 2575.

    Does this look right?

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