how to gain your parents trust back

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I told three bad lies and now my parents don't trust me any more. What should i do?

  • how to gain your parents' trust back -

    It'll take a long time, but you must vow not to lie again ... and then keep your vow.

    Once tarnished, it's very difficult to regain trust.

  • how to gain your parents trust back -

    heres a crazy idea... Tell the truth??
    trust is very fragile if you want trust you have to act in a trust worthy way. start being honest about important things, you will slowly gain their trust back. Remember to apologize to your parents and try to talk to them more, maybe about the lies and why you lied?

  • how to gain your parents trust back -

    Now read this carefully.First of all you should start by telling NNOO lies. Second by helping and doing chores unasked(dishes,cleaning tables, Making their bed, etc.)Hope this helps!! Any more questions just ask!

  • how to gain your parents trust back -

    First of all you are definitely on the right track by admitting the lies. That takes a brave person with a sincere heart. Here are some links to choose from for ideas:

    This is rather like when you do something a teacher doesn't like and you have to write ........ 100 times! It takes MANY MANY times of doing a GOOD habit to break a BAD one! (Best of luck!)


  • how to gain your parents trust back -

    Ive lost my parents trust. It was very painful and sad. then they did not trust me ever again UNTIL i decided to take action. I Took my grades as a priority that always comes first. I was honest with everything I said. I never lied. I never argued. Also i ignored bad habits with good habits. I'm reading books about self discipline and tell my parents, and i do more chores than i have to. :)

  • how to gain your parents trust back -

    think that you should simply stop lying and do what you have to do like get good grades do chores without being asked and if it comes down to a feeling where your about to runaway from home DON'T DO IT ! that's going to make it worse i promise it is. Talk to them, try not to argue with them Be you Not your FRIENDS (:

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